Use Geofence Discovery Zones to Target Mobile Consumers

The first proximity marketing engine that combines multimedia content delivery with location-based promotions and in-app purchasing

Alert mobile consumers to content relative to their location & activity at that moment

Find & target niche mobile consumers anywhere in the world

yaBeam Makes Proximity Marketing Easy

Text. Audio. Video

Get data

Make your content instantly available to event & conference attendees 

Understand where your customers are and what kind of content they want

Target globally

Repurpose your content

Market ebooks, articles, chapters, audio tours, video & more

Chunk your ebooks into sellable chapters, curate custom ebooks, add multimedia

Target events

Engage locally

Target mobile consumers with Discovery Zones to deliver contextual ebook content, multimedia & promotions anywhere in the world and at the perfect moment.

Launching soon!

Get early access to the yaBeam Discovery Zone platform.

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