First geofence marketing engine for publishers

Get your content discovered by target mobile consumers anywhere in the world.

Market ebooks, articles, chapters, audio tours, video & more

Use the power of location to engage mobile consumers with your content at the right time & place.

Target globally

Alert mobile consumers to content relative to their location & activity at that moment

Find & target niche mobile consumers anywhere in the world

Make your content instantly available to event & conference attendees 

Launching soon!

Get data

Engage locally

Understand where your customers are and what kind of content they want

Text. Audio. Video

Target events

Repurpose your content

Chunk your ebooks into sellable chapters, curate custom ebooks, add multimedia

Integrated with Slicebooks tools

yaBeam integrates all the great publishing tools we built into our Slicebooks publishing platform, which means you can market ebooks whole and by the chapter, and easily curate custom ebooks to target specific audiences.  

Launching soon!

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